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We help service organizations of all sizes digitally transform their operations and reach more of their constituents. Discover how our cutting-edge technology can reclaim time for staff, encourage data-driven decision-making, and forge stronger connections with your community.

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33% faster

When comparing applications processed by a traditional call center vs. those processed by Preparese, the self-guided option delivered a 33% efficiency improvement with no adjustments to the existing business processes.

90% download rate

When provided the option, 9/10 constituents downloaded the app to follow along and get notifications about their application.

49/50 states

The program has reached thousands of new community members across the nation with no physical presence.

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See the impact of our services on efficiency and organizational success

We helped several organizations distribute pandemic relief to farm workers nationwide by developing an innovative solution to quickly enroll and process applications. This effort also included the introduction of a mobile native app, Preparese, to allow farm workers to apply directly for and to track the progress of an application. Here are some of the key accomplishments:

Your digital transformation coach

Unlock internal efficiency and external value with our digital platforms tailored to the unique challenges of organizations and their community members.

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Digital products

Our approach employs rapid prototyping to validate builds and enable measurement for impact.

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Consulting services

We work with your organization to cycle through innovative ideas to identify the best fit for your needs.

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Resources for every stage

We help you build capacity and infrastructure to support your users through every step of their journey.


Embracing technology

With the right technology, you can connect with your audience in new ways and assist them faster. Optimizing your processes empowers employees with more time and new ways to reach more people you care deeply about.


We can help

Whether you’ve already begun your transformation or are just starting to consider it, we’ve got you covered. We’ve designed our products and resources to fit each stage of the effort. Learn more about how you can take the next step with confidence — regardless of where you are now.

3 paths to digital transformation

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Beginner track

Our beginner track is for organizations that want to understand what digital transformation is, why it matters, and how it can fit into their current strategy.

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Intermediate track

Our intermediate track offers best practices for implementing digital strategies. It’s ideal for organizations that seek practical application, with hands-on tools, case studies, and strategic insights.

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​​Advanced track

The advanced track is for tech-savvy organizations eager to expand their digital horizons. Dive into advanced toolkits, connect with industry leaders, and explore impactful digital solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

How might digital transformation impact the cherished personal connections built through face-to-face interactions within our community?
How will you ensure a smooth transition during the implementation process?
How do you ensure inclusion for community members with limited technology access?
What if my team doesn’t have a strong technical background?

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Julette Martinez

CEO, Farm Worker Organization