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If you recognize the need for digital transformation but are unsure about the specifics — you’re in the right place. Learn how to implement digital changes and ensure return on investment (ROI).

The 'how' of digital transformation


Strategic integration

Discover how to smoothly integrate technology into your workflows. Our method highlights areas for digital improvement, adopts easy-to-use solutions, and aligns tech with your organization's culture, boosting efficiency, data management, and growth.


Practical application

Explore effective strategies to incorporate technology into daily operations. Our guidance helps identify areas for tech optimization, improving workflows, decision-making, and efficiency. Embrace practical applications for data insights and automation to enhance your team's performance and daily productivity.

Tailored resources for you

Use case catalog

Explore a list of potential scenarios and matching technologies, including user-friendly tools like Mendix, Zapier, and even ChatGPT.

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Interactive playbooks

Access step-by-step guides for utilizing free and paid tools, including those offered by Entidad.

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Digital transformation phases

Understand the typical phases in a nonprofit's digital transformation and structure your success at your pace.

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Real-life success stories

Watch interviews with leaders who have successfully implemented new tools. Submit your own story via text or surveys to inspire others.

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Educational materials:

Dive into an ebook or whitepaper detailing each phase of digital transformation, repurposed into informative blog posts.

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Practical tools for planning

Templated business cases and ROI calculators. Sample project management timelines for adopting technologies like CRM, customer service software, HR onboarding tools, marketing automation, and project management solutions.Insights into program delivery through digital wallets.

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Julette Martinez

CEO, Farm Worker Organization