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New to the digital transformation journey? Not sure how it’ll fit into your budget? Struggling to understand the ROI? We understand your concerns, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Why digital transformation matters


Expand your services

Offer more services to your target population with fewer resources. Your constituents have gone digital. Tap into those new skills and ways of working to provide more access to your resources.


Make data-driven decisions

Data helps reveal the stories behind the surface level interactions you’re limited to now. Deeper insights will make it easier to find and apply to  funding sources that best align with your constituents' needs, increasing your success rate. 


Energize your staff

Your staff is the heartbeat that drives organizational growth. Automate away those repetitive and manual tasks that eat away at your staff's time and create the space for them to build the more rewarding personal connections that drive trust and loyalty with your organization.

Resources to guide you

Emotion and technology

We link emotion with technology, making the case for digital transformation more relatable.

Coming Soon

Insightful data

Our repository and newsletter offer easy-to-digest, actionable data from reputable sources like McKinsey, Bridgespan, Aly Sterling Philanthropy, and leading institutions like Stanford and Harvard.

Coming Soon

Tech glossary

Familiarize yourself with tech terms and acronyms.

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Practical tips

Learn how to leverage tools you might already use, like Teams, Slack, Outlook, G-Suite, and WordPress.

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​​Ready to start your digital transformation journey?

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Julette Martinez

CEO, Farm Worker Organization