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We digitally transform mission driven organizations that work with underserved communities to grow and deepen their impact.

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Our story


From volunteer efforts to tech startup

What began as a volunteering effort to help underserved communities, has turned into an amazing social impact startup journey. Formalized in 2018 as a California public benefit corporation, Entidad is a minority owned, technology services provider, founded by three longtime friends who met while pursuing engineering degrees at Stanford University. Along the way we’ve been adding talented individuals that are helping us reach new levels. We are immigrants, the children of farm workers, and come from the same communities we hope to serve.


Pandemic relief for farm workers

Whether its solutions that assist with immigration, emergency relief, or ethical labor recruiting services, we’ve been able to support many use cases over the years. The most recent solution we’ve built is being used by 6 organizations to process and distribute $80 million in pandemic relief to over 130,000 farm workers nationally as part of the USDA’s Farm and Food Workers Relief Grant Program.


Enhancing efficiency and constituent engagement

Entidad wants to help nonprofit organizations of all sizes that are ready to take their next steps into unlocking the potential of working digitally. Tap into your community’s growing digital literacy to eliminate the many internal inefficiencies that eat up your staff’s time, creating space for them to focus on crafting rewarding experiences that drive trust and loyalty with constituents.

What we do


Entidad is your digital transformation coach. Together we craft a roadmap, select the right tools, and work through the implementation to minimize the challenges of a transition.


Our approach is informed by years of working with leading regional and national nonprofit organizations that work with underserved communities. We live the journey side by side with our customers. We understand the challenges and have been successful navigating them.Let us help you avoid the many pitfalls.


The most recent solution we developed is being used by the UFW Foundation and 5 other organizations to process and distribute $80 million in pandemic relief to over 130,000 farm workers nationally as part of the USDA’s Food and Farm Worker Relief program. Since its introduction in Sept. ’23, the smartphone app portion of the solution for the USDA program has over 25,000 downloads.



Jesus Torres

As CEO of a trailblazing social impact startup, Jesus Torres brings over two decades of experience working with underserved communities. His commitment to social impact and equity continue to drive and guide his work.


Jorge Flores

Jorge Flores brings over 20 years of experience helping organizations of all sizes solve challenging business problems with software driven technologies. As CTO of Entidad, Jorge is helping to bring high-impact privacy-first digital solutions to underserved communities.


Rene Solorzano

Rene Solorzano is the Chief Operating Officer of Entidad. He oversees several key functions, including product management, design, and customer success, as well as the administrative aspects of the company. He is deeply committed to bringing high-impact, privacy-first digital solutions to underserved communities.

Current projects

UFW Foundation

Selected by the UFW Foundation to develop the technology to support the delivery of its USDA’s Food and Farmworker Relief Program that will distribute over $80 million to over 130,000 farm workers nationally.

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Selected and participated in the PledgeLA/Grid110 business accelerator program from the Annenberg Foundation and the City of Los Angeles.

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Open Wallet Foundation

The Farmworker Wallet OS open source project was accepted into the Open Wallet Foundation.

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Along the way Entidad has been forging partnerships in pursuit of its mission. The challenges of social impact are complex and can’t be solved by a few organizations alone. We value collaborating with partners both formal and informal and across industries in pursuit of our mission. From TrustOverIP, to FounderFamilia, and CIERTO Global, each of these relationships play an important role in helping Entidad drive forward.

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Julette Martinez

CEO, Farm Worker Organization