Advanced Level

Who is this for?

This track is designed for those already adept at using technologies like Salesforce and Zendesk and looking to push their capabilities further. If you're an early adopter eager to explore and integrate emerging technologies within a budget, welcome aboard.

Elevating your tech expertise


Next-level mastery

Boost your tech expertise with our insights on advanced tools and data analytics. Enhance your skills and innovate with our targeted guidance, helping you thrive in the digital era.


Community engagement

Join our dynamic community to collaborate and learn with peers and experts. Gain insights, share experiences, and explore innovative solutions in data-driven technology. This platform is your gateway to valuable connections and the latest industry trends.


Emerging tech integration

Stay ahead in innovation by exploring emerging technologies with our resources and insights. Learn to integrate advanced tools like AI, machine learning, and blockchain into your workflow, enhancing efficiency and opening new opportunities in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Exclusive resources for innovators

Advanced tool access

Utilize standardized tools from Entidad complete with installation and usage documentation. Explore tools for case processing, emergency access relief, CRM, digital wallets, and more.

Coming Soon

Open-source connectors

Access a variety of Mendix connectors like Twilio, Smarty, Docspring, Hellosign, Trinsic, Google Translate, Copomex, and Bitly.

Coming Soon

Community invitations

Join the Farm Worker Wallet community for exclusive insights and networking.

Coming Soon

Performance metrics

Implement a templated list of tech-focused KPIs and OKRs to measure your success effectively.

Coming Soon

Industry panels and AMAs

Participate in discussions with industry experts, venture capitalists in social innovation, and vendors supporting new philanthropy use cases.

Coming Soon

Marketplace access

Benefit from our marketplace, similar to Builtfirst, offering discounts on Entidad’s tools and others. A perfect opportunity for forming partnerships and attending informative webinars and AMAs.

Coming Soon

Affiliate program benefits

Leverage affiliate programs and links for additional revenue streams.

Coming Soon

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Julette Martinez

CEO, Farm Worker Organization