Sample Vendor Evaluation Questions

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Elizabeth Melton

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This guide helps non-profit leaders get the answers they need to make the best possible decisions about purchasing and adopting new technology across their organizations.

Technical requirements

Can you integrate with [INSERT CRM, MARKETING AUTOMATION, ERP TOOL HERE]? If it’s a custom integration, how much would that cost?

Do you support MFA?

How do you ensure [INSERT REGULATION SUCH AS GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA HERE] compliance? (if applicable)

What are your biggest product weaknesses at the moment?

What does your product roadmap look like? (so they can grow with you)


Talk to us about your development process. What does a typical implementation plan look like? Do you take an agile or waterfall approach?

How does UAT work? How do you incorporate feedback?

How long would a typical implementation/migration take for an organization of our size?

What kind of time/resource commitment would we need to make on our end?

How do you ensure project success? What are some guardrails you have in place so that the project doesn’t dramatically increase in price and scope?

What happens if we aren’t happy with the results?


What does customer support look like?

What are your SLAs for addressing customer issues?

What is your communication strategy throughout the project? And what tools do you use to communicate with your customers/clients?

How many people will be involved in the project? Are they remote or in person?


What kind of volume breaks or discounts do you offer nonprofits?

What is your invoicing schedule?

What are typical payment terms? (i.e. Net 30)

Track record

Have you ever worked with nonprofits before? What are some special considerations or precautions you take with those types of clients?

Can you provide 2-3 relevant case studies?

Can you provide 2-3 references in the nonprofit space?

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